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Hate Crimes & Homophobia
Matthew Shepard.  One of many victims of anti-gay hate.

It didn't start with Matthew Shepard's tragic hate crime death but the incident helped spark a strengthened movement at LAMBDA and across the globe against such acts. Thousands are affected each year... and we will never forget them.

Official statements against hate violence. Find out who's saying what.
Read the latest
GLBT-related crime reports
The latest
FBI (USA) hate crime statistics are now available for viewing
PFLAG Researches Hate Crimes.
Read their report
Need help with a hate crime? If you have an emergency, call 911 or your local police.
Domestic Violence
Same-sex domestic violence happens in the best of families...
Maybe even yours.
If you need help or information about GLBT domestic violence, the LAMBDA Anti-Violence Project (AVP) is here for you.
Queer & Questioning Youth
Stay Safe Online
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Gay Teens Bear Burden of Homophobia
Find out more and what to do about it

LAMBDA Youth OUTreach

Resources for GLBT and questioning young people. Click here to find Youth OUTreach materials for gay youth, teachers, parents, and supportive others.

Young and Gay? Questioning? Looking for A Safe Place?
Share your thoughts with other gay youth through our email list for the 21-and-under queer and questioning crowd. Communicate with other GLBTQ young people and allies on a variety of topics. Find answers, post comments, and leave responses for others -- and more!

Got Pride?

Share it. Show it. Live it!

Gay Pride Month: June 2008

Great Gay Reading & Viewing

Find books, articles, videos and other resources on Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and HIV-positive topics at the LAMBDA Bookstore.

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Coming Soon: 2008 Survey

LAMBDA's newest national GLBT Community Survey is in final stages of testing and will be available here Jan 1, 2008.  If you haven't already answered the 2007 survey, or you wish to update your answers, it's available here.

Let us know what concerns you, and make suggestions on our community's movement. Tell us what we're doing right and how we can improve.  You can help to plan for the future!

LAMBDA Volunteers & Interns Needed

Learn, grow, share, help.

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Now Hear This...  Don't Ask, Don't Tell
don't work. 
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Who else is GAY? 

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A list of Queer (and "probably Queer") people.


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