Tips for coming out on National Coming Out Day (and every day!)
Coming out is a process, not a single event.  No matter where you live, or what part of the process you are in, you can always find a way to tell the truth about your life, every day of your life.

Here is a sampling of ways you can take your next step out....

  • Make a commitment to tell the truth about yourself to others.
  • Come out at work and encourage your employer to include protections and benefits for everyone, including GLBT employees and same-gender couples.
  • Join and make a financial contribution to a gay & lesbian organization.
  • Come out to your family, friends, or co-workers.
  • Put a rainbow sticker on your car or wear a gay pride button.
  • Write a letter to an elected official in support of a gay and lesbian issue, urging them to support fairness & equality for lesbians and gays.
  • Share your coming out stories with local school, church, or synagogue groups.
  • Include your partner or spouse in all of your holiday traditions and family events.
  • Confront anyone who makes a bigoted joke or an inaccurate statement about homo/bisexuality or queer people.
  • Read a gay/lesbian newspaper or magazine in a public place.
  • Put your lover's photo on your desk at work.
  • Call a radio talk show and introduce a gay/lesbian topic.
  • Open a joint bank account.
  • Start or attend a coming out support group.
  • Support gay and non-gay companies that support the gay community.
  • Volunteer with and support local and community organizations.
  • Help make the identity of the gay community as diverse as possible by getting involved and being visible.

Adapted from NCOD materials kindly provided by the Human Rights Campaign